E-commerce Merchants

A number of global, offshore and domestic acquiring banks are helping PayeUp to create a network for over a decade. E-commerce industries involve a number of online businesses. These businesses can be served with merchant accounts falling under high-risk to low-risk businesses. It will be easier for you to find the right credit card processing solution regardless of whether you’re some e-commerce veteran or looking for an online merchant account for the first time.


You must check out if PayeUp may accept the e-commerce industry you’re into. You won’t have any reason to worry, in case you aren’t sure of the industry into which your business is running or if you aren’t aware of your industry. A number of merchant accounts may be customized depending on individual cases. This has allowed PayeUp to rope in a number of ecommerce merchants. To get started, you must select the live chat option in order to know if you’ll qualify for the merchant services of PayeUp.

You’ll just need a couple of business days for accepting payments after your e-commerce merchant account gets approved. The new acquiring bank is contacted by our in-house managers that deal with merchant accounts. During this time, our tech team helps in integrating our payment gateway with your website.

Your list will be updated with e-commerce industries that have just been accepted as new partnerships are developed between PayeUp and various international acquiring banks. Keep looking for additional industries and get in touch with us if you require a quick and safe credit card processing solution.

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